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Finding An Auckland Villa Renovations Company

Renovated villa Auckland

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Many Aucklanders have chosen to buy an old villa that is in need of renovation. The market has a high demand for well-renovated villas but while the vision of making a good profit is extremely attractive, you need to understand that it is hard work and will require the very best of work to achieve the biggest returns on your investment. To do this you will need the services of a good villa renovation company. However, getting a good Auckland villa renovations company is unfortunately not so easy.

Be clear from the start that villa renovation projects are quite expensive. But if they go wrong, the cost can increase rapidly. Older buildings have older materials many of which do not have the longevity of more modern ones. So you can bank on having to replace a lot of the original materials. You also need to think that replacing these is going to cost a lot too especially if you want to make a sympathetic and elegant renovation. You should definitely think about this since these are the factors that get people to spend more on a renovated villa. Rather than simply responding to a builder’s advertisements, it is preferable to seek recommendations from neighbours, friends, and relatives, verifying the reputation of the company, as well as checking reviews and ratings online.

The most important thing that you will have to do is choose wisely. Always keep in mind that the lowest bid is not necessarily the best choice. The following is a good guideline to follow whenever you are searching for a good building renovations company.

Asking Your Family, Friends And Neighbours

Word-of-mouth referral is one great yet under looked ways of finding highly reputable and qualified villa renovations companies to get the job done to the standard the you want. Ask your friends work colleagues, and family members who have had their homes renovated previously for referrals to good professionals. When you get this information, do not forget to find out whether they had a good experience working with the company. Inquire about such things as whether the company offered great rates for the service, how the company handled any issues that arose, did the project go to schedule,, were the workers polite, did they leave a clean site, and whether the person is likely to engage the services of the company in the future.

Building Industry Accreditations

One good sign that a builder is at the top of their game is to look for industry accreditations. There are two main ones, the Master Builders Association and being a Licensed Building Practitioner. In short, if a villa renovation company does not have either of these certifications, do not even bother talking to them.

Checking Out Reviews And Ratings Online

Actual clients of a particular company are usually the best judge. To find out what previous clients have to say about the building company, all you have to do is check for reviews online. The Internet has provided a wonderful platform for people to express their views regarding companies without any fear. With online reviews, you can gauge the company’s reputation, professionalism, quality of work, and feedback. Many review websites and forums online provide genuine ratings, feedback, and reviews from actual clients. It is good for you to read these reviews before hiring a particular company. You can also look for video testimonials too. These are increasingly common and area good sign that the villa renovation company is moving with the times, using technology to promote themselves.


 Auckland villa renovation video

Experience In The Auckland Villa Renovation Industry

Experience is one of the most important considerations when choosing an Auckland villa renovations company. You can determine the company’s level of experience by establishing such facts as how long the company has been operating as well as its past record of successful villa renovation projects. You should also find out whether the company has in-depth knowledge and skills to handle different types of home improvement projects or can they call on qualified sub-contractors for more specialised jobs such as heating systems. To get better insight into the company’s quality of work and deliverables, check with client testimonials as well as the company portfolio.


Preparing A List And Scheduling Visits

Once you have completed your research, narrow down your list of villa renovations companies and then schedule meetings with them. Ensure that you remain with only a short list of three to four companies so that you do not get confused.

Asking Questions Once You Visit

When you meet the company, have them come to you so they can see the site and villa as it stands. You can explain what you want to achieve plus, if they are any good at their job, they will be able to advise or make suggestions for other features you may not have thought of.

Ask as many questions as possible to determine whether the company will provide you with genuine and convincing answers. Some probable questions include:

  • Do you have insurance?
  • How many projects of a similar nature have you completed?
  • Are you flexible enough to make changes if needed?
  • Do you use sub-contractors for your home improvement projects?
  • Could you provide a list of client testimonials and references?

Comparing Quotes And Selecting The Most Suitable Villa Renovations Company

Once you have gone through the steps above, compare quotes from different villa renovations companies, and choose the building company that will provide you with not only quality services but also fits within your budget.

One Auckland villa renovations company that meets all of the above criteria is Repair & Restore. They have worked on many villa restorations in Auckland, have tremendous video testimonials and are members of both the Master Builders and are a Licensed Building Practitioner. You can get more information from their website

Finding a great Auckland villa renovations company might not be easy but if you follow the tips discussed in this article then you will definitely get a good one.

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Villa Renovation Company

Choosing The Best Villa Renovation Company in Auckland


Renovated Auckland villa

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If you own an old Auckland villa whether it is a home or an office, and want to upgrade or renovate the place, a specialist villa renovation company will play a big role in achieving this task. Unless you are an expert on renovating villas, you will definitely want to go for a reputable villa renovation builder to do the required work on your behalf. If it is an office renovation then this is the only option since you need to keep working on your business rather than swinging a hammer. The renovation process will certainly come with various challenges and the end result can either be your dream come true or a complete nightmare for you. This is why you need to choose the best villa renovation company in Auckland to renovate your home or office. This article will highlight some of the most important tips in this regard.


Choosing a villa renovation contractor is quite similar to choosing any other tradesman. But the consequence of poor choice can be disastrous when it comes to such big renovation projects. The investment involved is much higher than other jobs.


You should only work with a renovation company that has qualified technicians and sub-contractors. A simple online search will reveal numerous home renovating companies in your area. A flip through your Yellow Pages or a casual conversation with a friend or relation can reveal the names of trusted contractors in the area. These tradesmen have earned the trustworthiness and respect of your friends or relations. Hence the probability of them being under-qualified candidates is quite low.


In days gone by, a builder would start their career and that would be it. Nowadays, the best builders and renovation companies recognise the need for ongoing training of themselves and their staff. This is important with so many new products coming onto the market. For example, ten years ago, granite worktops were only for the very rich and air conditioning systems have changed dramatically in the last few years. If your builder or the sub-contractors do not understand how to work with these materials and technologies, then your project will be sub-standard and lower the value of your restores villa. Therefore, the contractor you choose should taking continuous education seriously. Technology changes with time, so does building practices and codes. A contractor who will update his skill on a continuous basis will definitely provide a quality service in the end. The reputation of such a contractor is paramount to him. To make this easier for you to understand, if the building company is a Licensed Building Practitioner, then they will be going through regular training programmes as part of that certification. It is a New Zealand government run programme to weed out poor quality companies and people in the building industry.


Make a short-list of three to five candidate building companies and visit their websites to find out more about their customer services, the quality of their work and look at pictures of projects they have completed to see if they are similar to yours. Read through the reviews and testimonials they have if any from past customers. Call these customers to verify their claims about the company. This way you are able to get a better idea about these companies. Check for the experience and qualifications of their staff. Finally, you should speak with these companies individually before you choose the best company for your project.


You need to ask three important questions from these companies before picking the best builder for your planned works. Ask them when they will be able to start the work. Get an estimate from them. Also, ask them how long the work will take. Your selection of a potential villa renovation company should be based on the answers you receive to these questions. Find out more information about their professional qualifications, insurances, and references before finalising the agreement.


Renovating an Auckland villa

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You should only work with a service provider that is properly insured. If not, you run the risk of paying for any damages to your property or any neighbouring ones and injuries to workers while on the project. This is one of the most important things to look for when hiring a qualified home renovation company in your area.


One candidate for the best villa renovation company in Auckland is Repair and Restore run by Mat Staples. He has worked on villa renovations for many years and his highly satisfied clients include some very well-known people in Auckland including a top chef in Parnell – see the video testimonial below. He has also been endorsed by the city’s leading high-end real estate agent.

Video on Auckland villa renovations


The aforementioned are some of the most important tips to consider when choosing the best villa renovation company in Auckland.

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Choosing The Best Auckland House Renovation Company

Choosing The Best Auckland House Renovation Company

Change is something most people resist but many people to want to change their home, maybe a bigger living room, more bedrooms or to renovate an old villa. They look forward to this type of change in their life and beginning the process of looking for a house renovation company. These companies help make your house feel like home and promise to incorporate your taste into your household items.

Picking the right house renovations company is very important, since renovating your house is a huge and potentially stressful project. It involves a lot of money and affects something that you live in on a daily basis. This article will be talking about the different methods to go through when choosing a house renovation company, If, you go through and follow all of these steps you should be good to go. These steps are designed to help people who are confused and unsure about where to start. This will be breaking down everything step by step, so people do not get confused. Instead, this will make sure that they make the best choice when picking a company to renovate their house.

Auckland house builder

House renovations

The first thing you need to do as a person who needs to hire a company is to evaluate all the different companies. You want to get a list maybe from online and start comparing all of the companies. Maybe make a list or write down the pros and cons of each to help make your choice. Doing this is very important as you want to evaluate them based on what your needs are for your house. Every person is different and just like that every company will be different as well. It is your job to find the best company for you.

You want to ask questions like “When will you start”, “When will you finish”, “What is your price rate”. All of these questions are actually very important and sometimes a lot of people forget to even ask them and just brush them off. You want to ask how long it will take because lets say you thought they were going to finish in a month, but they are actually going to finish in two months. Things like this can happen, which is why it is important to write down all the important questions you would like to ask before you hire a building company. This will make things easier for you and the company too.

Next, you want to ask for training certification. You do not want to hand over such an important project to just anyone. Instead, you want to ensure that anyone who is going to be dealing with such a big project of yours has all the qualifications. A key certification in New Zealand is the Master Builder. Check that any prospective renovations firms are accredited with the Master Builders Association. This is also important because there have been so many cases where high school kids have pretended to be companies during the Summer to make a few quick bucks. Renovating your house involves a lot of money, you want to make sure you are handing over that money and project to someone who is qualified for it.

House builder

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Overall, picking a house renovation company can be a very hard task. Following all the steps is important in order to choose the best company possible for you and your family. If, you follow all the steps I have listed step by step you are very likely to be pleased with the renovations. Do not be the people who spend thousands of dollars just to be unhappy at the end of the day.

Repair and Restore is an Auckland house renovations building company – you can get more details here .

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Auckland House Builder

Finding The Perfect House Builder For You

When you want to hire someone to build your house, you want everything to be as close to perfect as possible. Take the steps that will help you achieve your home building dreams and snag you the best home builder for the job.

Know What You Want For Your New House

Narrow down exactly what you’re looking for in a home builder, to make it easier to find one suitable for your needs. The architecture, speciality work and design should all be specified before you start looking. While a lot of building contractors may say they can do something for you, it’s much better if you can get one that has already proven they can.

Look For Experience in A House Building Company

The more homes a builder has under his belt, the better yours is likely to be. Ask your prospective builders about the experience they have, how much direct supervision was involved and even about industry involvement. Members of the Master Builders Association or Licensed Building Practitioners aren’t automatically better than those who are not, for example, but it certainly tells you something positive about the company you’re about to hire.

Talk To Past Customers Of This Building Company

Auckland building company

Auckland building company

Always seek more than one to get a better idea of how the builder works and what the finished products look like. Ask people if the work was done on schedule and without going too far over the budget. See that appointments and promises were kept and that past customers are generally pleased with the entire experience of having worked with that particular house builder.

View Existing Houses They’ve Built

This is probably one of the most important steps in finding the right home builder for you. Go see at least one and inspect it thoroughly. Don’t just ooh and aah over the pretty parts either: Look in every nook and cranny and evaluate the quality of workmanship. Is every edge in the home finished or were corners cut in places that aren’t so obvious? Does the home give you the impression that the builder takes pride in what he does? This step is essential to getting a better idea of what your home will look like and how it will hold up over the years.

Find Out About A Guarantee Of Work

No matter how flawless the reputation of any home builder is, you still want some guarantee of workmanship and services. Ask in advance during the selection process. Look into how other homes they’ve built hold up with resale value. This type of information will assist you in making the best choice, as it clearly demonstrates what you will be in for yourself. Above and beyond how attractive your new home will be, it should last and provide you with the comfort of knowing somebody stands behind their work.

For people in Auckland, this house building firm, Repair & Restore, offers a very strong guarantee.

Check On The Building Team

Auckland House Builder

House Builder – image imagerymajestic

Although building workers and carpenters may come and go, direct supervision over them will give you a good idea of how they measure up too. Make sure the builder or foreman is in the habit of checking on work at the end of every day. This is your home and as such, you want it safe, functional and suited to your needs. Close the margin for errors by making sure everyone is accountable as the home is built.

Talking of Repair and Restore again, they also have some very powerful video reviews such as this one here.

Check For Licenses And Insurance

Finally, when you believe you have found the home builder you’d like to hire, go through their official paperwork. Make sure that all of their licenses and insurance are adequate and up to date. The construction industry does have a lot of self-employed people who only work on weekends or during the busiest building seasons, thus they may not all bother to go through the process of obtaining proper licenses and the expense of keeping insurance up. Check on them to be sure.

Final Tips On Picking A House Building Company in Auckland

Building your home is simply too important to trust to just anyone. Do your homework well, and make sure the company you hire is more than qualified for the job and will build the house as if it were going to be their own home. If you can, find a house building company that has successfully worked with architects. For more info on this highly recommended house builder in Auckland, check out their website.

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